Have you met… Marc?

My name is Marc and I am studying Information Technology at the Technical University of Munich.

In April this year, I started my internship at Intico in Munich to see the practical implementation of digital solutions in the industry. Intico was the perfect choice as they are working on various projects in different industries. I had a cool time there while working on interesting topics related to Data Science in the manufacturing industry.

After the internship my semester abroad in Brussels was imminent and I had the opportunity to continue to be part of the Intico team. I gladly accepted this opportunity because I enjoyed the open and positive working environment in connection with the team spirit very much. Therefore, I will support my colleagues in Brussels as much as possible in the coming months as a working student.

In the first two weeks, I met many of my new colleagues and I was very enthusiastic about the office in Brussels. Everyone was very nice and sociable, which creates a familiar atmosphere despite many people in the office. 

In addition to my work at Intico, I am now also studying for one semester at the ULB with the Erasmus program.