IoT SWC – Barcelona 2019

In October 2019, we offered to two of our consultants, Mathieu Rodriguez and Nicolas Clerc, the opportunity to participate in the IoT Solutions World Congress. Here are some of their inputs from these 3 days in Barcelona.


We had a great meeting with CartesIAM. Their solution allows integrating artificial intelligence components on microcontrollers. The added value of this method is, therefore, to be able to deploy a simplified AI in EDGE (where the data has been collected) while the limited computing power normally prevents it.

The CartesIAM Software allows, after a learning phase by the sensor, to model the normal behavior of equipment. It then selects the most suitable AI algorithms for the application case and generates a device-specific library that will be integrated into the source code.

The product allows having several normal operating scenarios. Re-parameterizable to infinity, the AI solution evolves over time with the equipment to be controlled. The learning phases last only a few hours, they allow an easy implementation and first results with a minimum of data.

A big step forward in predictive maintenance!


Among all the exhibits at the IoT SWC 2019, here is an interesting use case of an IoT device on an electric Bitwin bike by Orange. The device is placed on the handlebar and forwards data over 2G, 3G, or NB-IoT from bicycle-mounted sensors and provides GNSS tracking features.

Several use cases are considered regarding data processing such as battery and engine preventive maintenance as well as monitoring. It remains some work to make the solution less visible and independent from the bicycle’s battery. In this way, the bike can be tracked even if the battery is removed.

From a business perspective, this would allow Decathlon to suggest subscriptions for these services (tracking and preventive maintenance).

Many thanks to Mathieu and Nicolas for this feedbacks.

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